• Luna Mu
  • Liam Champness
A musical-comedy, loosely based on the early life of fashion designer Mary Quant. Mary (21) is a dressmaker from East London. Her boyfriend, Joe (23), walks into her bedroom one day as she is designing some new dresses and asks her to marry him. He tells Mary that he will make sure she never has to work another day. Through song and dance he convinces her of his plans of a safe, domestic future. They dance vivaciously until they bump against Mary’s work desk. It falls over spilling all of her paints onto the floor. Mary takes a deep breath and says she can’t marry Joe. He is shocked and asks for an explanation. She can’t find any words to say so she tells him to leave and shuts the door on him. With her bare hands, she proceeds to use these bright colours to paint the walls of her grey bedroom and turn it into her fantasy studio.