• Reece Stott

Alone is an experimental title sequence that depicts a future without humans. As humans we imagine the machines and advanced technologies of the future serve to enhance our daily lives, but what if we are wrong? What if the sentient machines of a dystopian future thrive in a world without human existence? This is the narrative driving the Alone title sequence. My FMP was the chance for me to combine the 3d skills I had learned with my love for film and science fiction to create a world-building project in the form of a title sequence. View the full title sequence here:

Below are some screencaps of the process and development of the Title Sequence. The Titles were created using Cinema4D, Octane Renderer, After Effects, and Fusion360 for some hard surface assets.

Utilizing the power of Octanes fog volumes abilities in Cinema4D was a vital part of the sequences aesthetic and to helped push the feeling and emotion of the piece.