And So The Choir Gathers, Before It Is Too Late

  • Liv Wynter

In Nov 2019, my anarchist musical theatre debut, 'And So The Choir Gathers, Before It is Too Late' (ACE Funded), which focussed on the history of two tone and skinhead culture sold out over 5 nights at The Bunker Theatre. The work featured a cast of 9 untrained performers, made up of squatters, a punk band, a couple of bar tenders, and a plumber. Chris Sonnex said of the work ‘The play was an outright success and used many art forms to tell a vital story of protest but an even bigger success than the work was the audience they engaged with, This audience was an audience I had never seen in majority in any theatre space, it was loud, queer, political, diverse and vibrant. I have been proud to support their work ever since our first meet.’