Arsenal x adidas Stella McCartney Photograpy & Art Direction

  • Lauren Mustoe

There are a few things I'm hopeful for within my photography career and always strive to work towards. No set time period just a goal for myself. Working on an adidas Stella McCartney project was one of them. Even more exciting that it was partnered with Arsenal for an amazing kit collection for Arsenal Womens FC! When this project landed on my desk I was nervous, excited and ready to get stuck in. I worked on the art direction for the campaign to develop it, create ideas and produce a shot list to present to the clients. I then had an amazing opportunity to photography it myself and what an amazing day it was. All the talent on set were so giving and up for anything! Blew my mind to see this campaign travel the internet and land on Stella McCartney's website itself. Big thanks to Jordan Lonsdale, Barney Price, Ellie-May Brooks, Whitney Harrison, Joe Baz and many others over at The Midnight Club. Retouch by Danielle Painting, thank you!

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