‘Art’ificial is a series by Pâté created as a reaction to the increased use of AI in creative industries. As an artist Pâté is increasingly asked for his opinions on AI-generated art and so he wanted to use his signature artwork style to distill his thoughts. The result is a ‘pro-human campaign’ that aims to provoke conversation, and remind people that, in his view, the key to creating artwork is the human behind it.

‘The work is a reaction to my concern over the power and more specifically the use of AI in the creative industries. There's clearly a lot of concern within the industry and I'm always asked about AI after every talk I do. I want to remind the creative industry of what's at stake if we just let AI run wild - and to remind people that my advertising background lends to ideas, writing art direction and illustrating. AI can’t do all that together. That's why I introduced the work like big agencies introduce their work, in the context of a campaign. I enjoy the endline too, just highlighting the ART, in ARTIFICIAL as a way of demonstrating that if it comes from a human it's somehow more.'
'I'm not anti AI in general. I'm excited by its possibilities to cure disease and solve problems, I just didn't expect it to come for my job. I thought it was to relieve us of the burden of the jobs we don't like to do, not come for the ones we love! In a recent client visit, the agency had the mantra ‘Play, Don't Publish’. I like that; use the tech to get to interesting places then let a human take over.’

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