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  • Mafalda E.L.G.

I researched and wrote a feature reviewing ‘dream pop’ musician Tim Ayre, for The Indie Scene.

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Tim Ayre reveals latest track ‘So Long’ from upcoming EP

Jun 14

The dream-pop artist gives us summer in a song and it comes just in time to warm up these longer days

Light and nostalgic and doesn’t take itself too seriously — or maybe it does and the joke is really on us. Tim Ayre effortlessly mixes humour and catchy beats for our listening pleasure.
So Long, his latest single, is the kind of track that makes you long for a time or place you haven’t yet experienced.

Its light and upbeat tempo is nicely mismatched with lyrics like “I tried so hard to get you to stay / I tried so hard but now I’m walking away / I can’t change your way”. It’s ironic but also manages to speak to a reality many of us have faced after having been confined to the same four walls with the same person for way too long.

A tidy guitar solo and a catchy chorus breaks up the single and makes it easy to recognise The Lemon Twigs as a reference. The Mac Demarco influence and playful nature also shines through in Ayre’s general sound and aesthetic.

The single builds up to a dramatic bridge that slows everything down and gets us to a place where we’re ready to say goodbye to everything that was holding us back and open ourselves back up to whatever the present is offering.

Tim’s EP ‘Modern Life’ is out on 16th June.