As one of the world's fastest growing online fashion retailers, a key traffic driver to is their facebook page. We came up with a way to send a real buzz through the ASOS facebook community, and grow it substantially.However, we had to tread carefully. Research shows that, on facebook, anything overtly pushy from a brand is rejected immediately. We had to design the ASOS fan pages so people would naturally forward the content to their friends, without prompting.Our 'Find the Face of ASOS Denim' campaign invited ASOS fans to send in photos of themselves (or their friends) and vote for their favourite. The prize was a modelling contract with a top London agent.We created a new facebook tab and bespoke landing pages for the campaign, invited fans to write on each other's walls and helped spread the buzz via regular updates. ASOS's profile page promoted the competition, status updates called for more votes, and we created individual profile pages for each of the 30 finalists, encouraging each girl's network of friends to vote for them.To vote and enter you had to be a fan, which drove sign-up numbers. The winner was chosen at an event at ASOS's offices with facebook updates and behind-the-scenes photos drip-fed throughout the photo shoot.The result? ASOS denim sales increased by 2.6% and new fan sign-ups during the 2-week campaign period enjoyed a significant spike. ASOS's facebook fan numbers grew by 6.8% during the campaign.