• Younji Ku
  • Henny Valentino

Continuing her explorations into identity, gender and self-expression, Jazzelle Zanaughtti uses make-up and fashion to distort her already unique look into a series of high-octane, high-concept characters. As part of SHOWstudio's 2018 Queer project, Nick Knight films the model, also known by her Instagram handle, @uglyworldwide, showing our audience the process through which she subverts convention and pioneers the queer experience in fashion. Assisted by Charlotte Roberts with hair by Fabio Petri using Sam McKnight, Zanaughtti styles herself in her choice looks from the A/W 18 collections. Aware of the role social media plays in contemporary culture, Zanaughtti will be sharing snippets of her looks via SHOWstudio's Instagram. Posting live as she is filmed by Knight through a two-way mirror, concepts of reality, physicality and what it means to be queer in 2018 are examined.