Autograph ABP: In a Different Light Learning Resource

  • Chris Stokes

An ambitious project to generate contextualising artist testimony as part of an acquisitions project, that also doubled as a huge educational resource for future archivists to access.

Autograph ABP are an established photographic gallery based in Shoreditch London whose mission is to explore identity, representation, human rights and social justice through work produced by artists who use photography and film.

We have worked with Autograph on various projects over many years, but the In a Different Light: Toolkit was by far the most ambitious.

The aim: to build an educational resource for future generations of artists, archivists and researchers, preserving culturally and historically significant works, contextual interviews with artists, tutorials
accessing and working with archives, and unique insight from leading industry experts.

Working closely with the in-house team and key stakeholders from Magnum, The Photographers’ Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery, over the course of a year we delivered:

  • 53 finished individual videos
  • 20+ hours of raw footage reviewed
  • 17 interviews captured
  • 7 artists included
  • Over 5 hours of finished footage
  • All stored and accessed via a dedicated microsite