AW19 Product Preview, The Conran Shop

  • Annie James
  • Amalie Charlesworth
  • Betsy Smith
  • Eleonora Mazzetta
  • Jakub Ospelt

Location: The Conran Shop, Marylebone Date: 24th- 26th June 2019 A three-day event showcasing The Conran Shops new AW19 hero collections, products and furnishings, located at the Marylebone Store. A bold red colour scheme featured as a preview for the upcoming 2019 Christmas Window Design, creating a luxurious, seasonal aesthetic. This colour was pushed through additional textures such as felt and sand, as well as graphics and credits, creating a sleek, minimal look. The first day focused on set clearing and building, getting fixtures ready for products and the initial preparation for styling. Heavy styling began on day two, ensuring each product was curated and grouped accordingly, positioned and styled for shot. Day three included final styling touches in preparation for the afternoon launch and press. Images courtesy of Bruno Rondinelli and Annie James

Product featured: Claymen