• Zsófia Szendrei
  • Sophie Giblin
  • Luisa-Maria MacCormack


Our classes are 1-2 hour visual lectures have been designed to offer anyone and everyone a visual and compelling way to learn about the overlooked female narratives of History, our focus is primarily Art, but in order to give a comprehensive understanding of the issues we face as contemporary feminists and people, it has been necessary to weave together threads from Archaeology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Religion and Philosophy in order to create these unique classes. Think of them like a bespoke Art-Herstorical course that you can create yourself according to your particular interests. They can be delivered all together as a course that packs some serious punch, or as introductions and stand alone classes that can be taken into any school, workplace, meeting, greeting conference or gathering, so join us and hear these histories, we want to spread the word!
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