BARE Performance

REVEALED, the inside exalted. DEPRIVED of armors and shells. STRIPPED from social belonging. PURE through our imperfections. EMPTIED of definition and morality. EXEMPT from a bulimic society where the body is a slave of success and conformity. RELEASED from our emotional overloads. In the splendor of our POVERTY ! We invite you to experience a shared approach situated between body awareness, voice exploration and performance. Our base is physical presence as living heritage, vibrate emotional matter, an access to our singular and collective memories. The body is our wealth which we consume day after day, which we exploit to its limits of production and life. What does that body express when we get out of these obligations? Accepting our fragilities and contingencies, we'll help each other to lose balance, and in the fall let our voices sound and resound in a shared space. To be there will be testing our needs for constant embodiment and transformation. In that direction we'll propose you somatic and performative experiences to free obstacles and tensions, to be welcomed. Our tools are the 'feeling' body and spontaneous voice. Exercises and explorations: introspective body journey by movement and voice to awaken memory areas until we perceive a body mapping - creation of a common body in which each participant can feel safe, inspiring the auto-valuation and the estimation of other ones - exploration of touching "on and under" the skin to enter then in deeper contact with internal tissues, activating our proprioperception - undressing (no obligation to undress completely), alone or accompanied, closed or opened eyes, still and/or in movement, with or without voice - exploring "synchrony", the 'mirror' strength to perceive a common agreement - extension of vocal vibration, vector between spaces we are and the ones we occupy - practicing the ‘letting go’ with voice in relation with free movement. Intention: discovery of a singular performative language as extension of presence, from internal sphere to collective body. Predisposition: being attentive and respecting partners. Communication of possible discomforts.

Team Credits

Philemon Mukarno

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  • Composer, Performance Artist

Project Tags

  • performance art
  • live art
  • body art

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