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A solution to today's entertainment overload Created for the D&AD New Blood Competition and received a Wood pencil

Team Project / Role: UX, Interaction Design, Pitch Video

Introduction - The Brief

For the D&AD New Blood awards, BBC put forward a brief about extending their current digital offering. They currently have a platform called BBC Sounds, which delivers both radio and podcast content through their website and mobile app. BBC are looking toward the future in how they provide their content. They would like to extend on how the target audience’s habitual behaviours could influence, shape and develop BBC Sounds for 16 to 35 year olds.
From here, my partner Matti and I saw an opportunity to tackle how our relationship with media and technology may change, and how we we could move things in a healthier direction. Below is the submission package we submitted.

Problem - Peak Attention

We’ve hit peak attention with our media. Statistics show we spend nearly half of our waking hours staring at a screen. From students to busy professionals, people want to make the most of their limited time with the best programming available. So how can the BBC help listeners develop a healthier relationship with their entertainment?


BBC Mix is a daily assortment of programming curated for the time you have, so you can stay informed and entertained in a less demanding way. By selecting short radio and podcast snippets that are best suited for you, BBC Mix will keep you up to date quickly and comprehensively.
Link to Figma Prototype

Key Features

Choose your favourite topics, set a daily time limit, and then BBC Mix delivers an assortment of programming to suit your interests. BBC Mix will check in to see if you’re satisfied with the time you spend, and allow you to adjust your daily limit whenever you choose.

New and Old

BBC can leverage their wide catalogue of programming to find the best content for each individual user. By generating sound bites suited to your interests, you can easily find your new favourite program from BBC’s decades-spanning library.

Pitch Video

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