Best Apps for Your Little Ones to have Fun and Learn

  • Sandra Edmund

The human race has evolved over the years and so are the upcoming generations as their upbringing also changes. 15 years ago, our childhood was filled with Tamagotchi, hot wheels, and Barbie’s however now kids under 12 are learning and playing with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Gen-Z (born between 1997 - 2010) and Gen Alpha (born from 2010 and present). As we cannot stop the dawn of the technology-filled babies we as the Millennials and Generation X as adapt to our ever-changing world and our generations that come after us. So, WOTC presents to you, the best apps for your little ones to have fun and learn. From the best apps to watch their favorite, child-friendly YouTubers and shows, to trending games that they can play with their friends.

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