Better Decisions with Lean Data

    At Takram, we run internal “open calls” for short research & development projects in which a small team can freely explore new ideas and technologies, producing a tangible outcome. During one of these projects, we took on the challenge of demystifying our relationship to health data in the context of sport. Looking at cycling as a case study, our aim was to create a product concept that changes the way we interact with smart health devices. The starting point for our design process was a product that is present in almost every household: the bathroom scale. We designed OTO, a concept for an integrated health platform designed for cyclists to balance fitness, performance and well-being. Against the current trend of big data and the quantified self, OTO is based on the approach of Lean Data and explores how less data can help us make healthier decisions – on and off the bike. OTO captures all the metrics that a usual body analysis would as well, but instead of displaying your weight, OTO encourages you to use it in a way that visually presents your body metrics. What is unique about OTO is not the individual components (namely, a body analyser, health tracker, weather forecast, and training plan) but how they connect to each other to create an experience that supplements your lifestyle, rather than dominating it.

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