Between Borders: Print Issue_001 - TRANSIT

  • Luc Hinson

Young, old, flush, skint, the one thing that connects our cities. Regardless of age, of creed, of tongue the one thing that connects our towns and villages. To work, to school, and places unknown, this connects our day to day. By road, by train, by boat, It snakes through concrete jungles and pastures green meanders through valleys, municipalities and everything between. It connects workers to jobs, revellers to revelry and you to me. The time has come for us to pen some words, open our ears and bring you in, In order to delve into the issue, we need to get under its skin. Explore what transit brings, and what its absence takes away, send over your contributions, share with us what you have to say. It’s Print_001 of Between Borders and here our journey has just begun, we’re writing to you to join us, to be a part of Issue number one. The theme we’re exploring is transit, interpret that how you wish, send your pitches to us in what medium you choose, and we look forward to including you in our dialogue, our story, our first of many issues. Please send submissions to

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