Between the Two collection SS23

  • shanice sterling

STSTERLING is an exclusive elevated fashion brand. The label leads with an independent collection owned by Shanice Sterling and is based in East London, Hackney. With both parents and siblings born in Jamaica, Sterling’s earlier encounters come from a cultured upbringing and have inspired her to create a brand. Fast forward to 2020, STSTERLING was born. Intrigued by such experiences, this led her to visit her native home, Jamaica. Empowered and motivated by the lifestyle, environment, reggae and dancehall influences and adventures around the island, Sterling immersed herself in Jamaican culture. Interjected with feel-good vibes and ‘criss’ energy, this was heavily reflected in the silhouettes and prints throughout the label. The concept behind the label is to develop a sense of style for the original trendsetter. The label combines a sexy, sophisticated line with a laidback and cool vintage aesthetic with versatility for styling everyday outfits, to chic weekends and summer night looks. STSTERLING has set out to create a timeless collection consisting of unique, brightly coloured prints influenced by her memorable travels around different parishes across Jamaica. Each piece has been hand drawn and designed by Sterling’s making each garment uniquely special.


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