Bland Guidelines

  • Vikki Ross
  • Sulaiman R. Khan [he/him/his/Disabled]
  • Tracey Follows
  • Amy Charlotte Kean
  • Sophie Blowfield
  • Paul Mellor
  • Grace State

Why stand out when you were born to fit in? So many brands default to bland, so they’ll never be noticed or remembered. If you like to be bland and stay safe with no distinctive direction or attributable assets, Designer Paul Mellor and I will make sure you never stand apart from the competition, or stand out. And we get by with a little help from our friends. We invited industry experts in Creative, Strategy, Diversity, Trends, Social, SEO and PR to be bland too. As you’d expect, everything’s totally mundane. #BlandBook Global media coverage: LBB Online Design Taxi Creative Bloq Creative Review Creativebrief