Blessed Unrest part 2

  • Craig Benson

Blessed Unrest is a short dance film inspired by the words of Martha Graham. Featuring a captivating performance by Stan West, the film explores an artists struggle to be at peace with the burden all artists carry.

Part 2 takes on a different tone to part 1. Focused on the release of the burden. Smooth choreography is replaced with free movement, to faster relentless music.

The post production of part 2 consisted of colour correction and editing in time to the music. Examples of colour corrections can be found below. The footage was captured in a RAW format, and corrected manually.
The main aim during the colour correcton process was to crush the blacks in the image. Specifically with the footage bathed in red light, I made sure there weren't too many tones in the blacks as I wanted the red tones to be the highlight in the scene.
In this shot, Stan was lit from above with an Arri 2K with a smoke machine to his right. The smoke acted as a back light element to the shot to add some depth. Again, the nackground blacks were crushed to let the light tones "do the talking".

There is overexposure on the RAW plate, so I needed to bring in some highlight recovery, however I did not want to eliminate it completely as I liked the luminance it added to his body.
Again, I crushed the blacks in this scene to make Stans body stand out more. I contemplated cleaning the studio floor in these shots as I did with part 1, but Stan mentioned whilst shooting that he felt this segment had a club vibe to it, and I don't think I have ever seen a clean floor in a club... so I decided to leave it.
The last thing I did with these shots was adjust the colour temperature to Stans skin. I wanted to give it a richer darker tone. I did this via the qualifier tool in Davinci resolve.
Finally, the music was mixed into the project, including the opening monologue by Stan.