Book Jacket & Logo

  • Kerrie Donaghue

Picked up this brief from the D&AD website, offering creatives a chance to design a new brand identity for one of the most beloved book series of all time, The Chronicles of Narnia, as it celebrates its 70th anniversary this autumn. Their challenge was to redesign their most well known logo used in the film franchise (please the last image below). Making it work across all formats and moving away from the Game of Thrones feel the current logo has. The result was a simplified logo, keeping Aslan's tail and moving it to the A character so it can be used as a separate logo for Aslan as well as in the primary logo. The artwork was inspired by C.S. Lewis using fantasy to give Aslan a personality and powers unmistakably characteristic of the New Testament portrait of Jesus Christ. The silhouette was designed with that in mind.