BskyB Vodcast

The Sky vodcast project goal was to replace a 20 year old content supply chain system. The existing system (BSS) was extremely slow, was difficult to use, did not fit the users current work flows and was over complicated. The team was tasked with creating a new, web based application based on modern technologies with an intuitive interface that reflected the actual tasks users needed to perform.
As Vodcast was also a transformation project, the team was tasked with educating the rest of a 180 person group on the benefits of using modern, agile development practices and design thinking to cut costs and improve the product delivered.
1. The first phase involved researching the current domain to get an understanding of the complexities involved and to create a glossary of industry and Sky specific terms that were used to describe different elements and functions of the system.
2. During the second phase, interviews were conducted with end users on different teams and their line managers in order to get a full understanding of their current workflows, the tasks they needed to do and the pain points of the current system. We also created a list of features they would like to have. From these interviews a series of personas and lists of user stories were created.
3. The third phase consisted of iterative wire framing  sessions working with the product manager to create a workflow and interface that would better suit the needs of users while considering any architectural constraints that could not be over come. The interactive wire frames were presented to end users in a series of meetings in which their feedback was taken on board and changes to the wireframes made. This iterative process continued until all end users were happy with the software we proposed to deliver.


  • 50%Reduction in man hours
  • 25%Reduction in errors
  • 60%Reduction in media processing cost
  • Happy, less stressed users


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