• edwin garcia

Bubble is a typeface that was created by me to celebrate the life + work of Herb Lubalin. The aim of the brief was to create a 'Modular' type system/grid in response to the chosen designer. Using graphical elements I have attempted to translate his style of work and at the same time interpret it through my own understanding as a designer. Lubalin's work mainly consists of hand typography, all of which have this close, compact and united feel to it, along with a touch of playfulness. An example of this is 'Smooth N Juicy', a bubble gum packaging he made for Bazooka and one piece of work in particular that inspired me to create and name the typeface Bubble. The initial idea came from the letter 'O', instead of treating it as an individual letter I decided to treat it as two individual forms, circles. Big & Small. small circle + Big circle = Bubble.