Build Your Brand Voice Blueprint | The workbook

  • Vicki Chagger

Ready to build your brand to new heights? Developing a strong and consistent brand voice will help you get there. This digital workbook is designed to make brand voice easy to approach for small businesses and startups, guiding you step by step through the process. We’ll start with some juicy deep work to get you thinking about who you are as a brand, why you do what you do, and who you do it for. Then we’ll start thinking about your brand’s personality - how do you make people feel? What character traits do you want to be known for? Finally, we’ll turn that personality into a communication style (your voice) that will: → Help you connect with your dream people → Get you consistent when you show up online → Generate trust between you and your customers/clients → Give you a solid understanding of your brand, inside out → Make you stand out from your competition → Have you thinking like the big dogs → Save you a whole heap of time → Make writing more fun What’s included? A zip file containing: a 24 page PDF workbook PLUS a full editable Canva template to truly make this your own. Get yours here:


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