C.D.L.R : Graduate Collection

  • Beth Love

C.D.L.R : Chic De La Rue; street chic. A concept which involves combining high-end chic elegance with the concept of modern contemporary silhouettes for a stylistic everyday wear. My Graduate collection consisted of experimenting with textual placement of frayed tweed ; donated by Alexander McQueen and creating structured modern silhouettes with white denim. The overall aim was to create everyday commercial looks that would suit and feel like the high end market- at the cost of the commercial market. My press outfit for the collection demonstrated a white denim co-ord of an oversized, white denim jacket featuring a tweed frayed back and arms with matching shorts. Further designing my collection, I experimented further with this design aesthetic, creating avant-garde items; a dungaree clasp skirt belt as well as vintage chic aesthetic : tweed trousers, slip dresses etc. This combined with contemporary accessories such as crop tops and bodysuits, to convey a mixture of street and chic. I created tech packs for industry use and researched market levels for where my collection would sit within the commercial world for potential clients, in order to help promote my graduate collection.