Can I Expense It? The world’s first business expense detection app

  • Will Cookson
  • Tim Mitchell
  • Lily Smith

Harnessing the power of object recognition and machine learning for small business purposes in a way that’s fun and useful, ANNA's in-house creative, tech and copywriting teams made a little experiment. Called ‘Can I Expense It?’ we made it in January. Oh how things have changed since then! As more people now find themselves working from home they can’t rely on the studio’s stationery cupboard for Post-Its, or the communal kitchen for free coffee. So for all the stuff you’re now having to buy for yourself, artisan coffee beans delivered to your door (contact free of course), a laptop stand, power suits for Zoom calls - get free instant advice about what is and isn't a legit claim by having a play with the world’s first business expense detection app! Try it out here: