Cell Block Tango

  • Georgia Reyniers

Group Exhibition at The Old Police Cells, Deptford

Organised an exhibition and private view which included the work of eleven other artists in the Peckham/New Cross area. The work traversed mediums and included paintings, sculpture, video graphics, sound installations, performance and costume design. Each artist had to coordinate their work with the space. This posed challenges since the venue was old police cells and the walls were tiled, irregular shaped, secluded or dully lit. Therefore, artists had to consider mounting possibilities and as well as challenges with light.

I was in charge of curating the work, choosing artists whose practice I felt would complement the space, promote the private view, network, write the exhibition statement whilst managing schedules and organising rent coverage. The event encouraged me to prioritise and test my multitasking skills. All this work resulted in a busy private view and a successful exhibition.

The attached media shows installation shots from the work of myself and two other artists.