• Yusuf Ntahilaja

Cerebral was a youth-orientated creative platform founded by me and with the help of multi-disciplinary collective ‘Chaf Kozy' from 2017 - 2019. Its driving force was to unite young artists from Johannesburg, South Africa through a simultaneous exhibition of varying fields of art, mainly fashion, visual arts, music & skate culture with the aim to foster a space that stimulates multiple senses. As an event company we prized ourselves at being unpredictable, offering a twist with every event. This saw us throw unique experiences such as livestream events, skate markets, art exhibitions multi-faceted market exhibitions, open air one day festivals, cypher sessions and slam poetry. Cerebral, a one day arts market with an average turnout of 550 people ranging from ages 18 to 30, quickly became the central hub for young creatives to share ideas, connect, buy & sell art and, last but not least – dance.