Change of Heart (2022)

  • Melchior Smit
  • Suzanne Szturc

A box of belongings brings Freddie and Ben back together after taking a break in their relationship. Ben, spontaneous but impulsive, hopes to be able to make Freddie change his mind. What Ben doesn’t know is that Freddie, reserved and reflective as he is, made up his mind months ago. This reunion is sure to bring back feelings, good and bad. Will old flames reignite, or old wounds reopen? Both hope for a change of heart.

The hallway shot is our favourite shot in the film, it is a long shot which completely shifts colour from cold to warm as the mood between the characters shifts briefly. Only for it to return to the same coldness as Ben is left on his own in the hallway.
We went with tones of blue coldness in the environment, versus warm colours relating to Freddie. This established the contrast between him and the environment he found himself in.
The opening shot of Change of Heart establishes both the teddy bear to set up the climax, and the main subject in the reflection of its eye. Through movement, the subject reveals itself in the eye of innocence.