Clarks shoe design project - Luxury modular sneaker

  • Charles Mein

I was tasked with creating a shoe of my own design and specification from the ground up. I had already designed the shoe for the footwear award at GFW. So in the space of 6 weeks I redesigned the shoe to their standards and went through every process that Clarks goes through in order to design a shoe. From creating highly detailed and precise tech packs on illustrator, to doing renderings of the shoe design in photoshop to bring it to life. I then had to work closely with two 3D engineers (one for the sole unit and one for the upper) to bring my design to life in a digital 3D form. Which was a fascinating process, and once it was to my satisfaction and spec we had the models printed using the 3D printers we had in house. I also designed and produced an accessory to accompany my shoe design, as my passion for design lays with accessories. I designed a cross body bag to be constructed out of recycled leather off cuts from the factory we had on site at Clarks hq. I followed the same design process as I did with the shoe, from initial design drawings to spec packs and renderings. After which I designed the patterns for the bag to 100% scale using illustrator. I then printed them off to scale using an A3 printer, and then took the pattern and leather home to be manufactured by myself in my home studio.