Clarks Shoes - Design System

  • Ben Tiller
  • Rob Cowell

Clarks had a decent style guide to work from but were lacking a specific design system. I lead the creation of the design system which is a defined rule book to be used across all digital platforms. This is an undertaking that requires a level of engagement from the Brand designers, UX designers, UI designers through to the developers. I lead various workshops with the extended team to help refine what a successful design would look like for Clarks and what improvements we could make in creating it. We defined how it can be integrated into our workflows and also how it can be widely used throughout the business. Having scoped out the body of work the Design system was created in Sketch using shared libraries including commonly used modules, Developed using VUE.js and documented in a shared application anyone could view, edit code snippets or download guides. Although being design lead the result is a much more efficient way to design build and release across the board. Any new features resulting in an update to the design system can be added easily and effectively.

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