Clothes Do Not Define.

  • Rebecca Hough

Becca Grace is a student fashion designer who provides garments with a political standpoint for the modern young adults who want to make a statement. Due to graduate from Leeds Arts University 2022, specialising in womenswear focusing on style and composition with a love of colour.   “Clothes Do Not Define.” (‘CDND.’) Is a S/S womenswear collection utilising the stereotypically female techniques of patchworking and embroidery to make a bold statement. Each outfit in ‘CDND.’ features a striking hot pink and a contrasting shimmering black fabric sustainably sourced from deadstock Alexander McQueen material. The specific references throughout the collection link to the coinciding dissertation ‘To what extent does the media set expectations for women and role does fashion take in this?’. The themes of feminism being represented not only in the techniques that are used but also through less subtle slogans embroidered onto each garment. Some people may have the opinion that making a collection in garish pinks and glittered fabrics is contradictory to the message being presented in ‘CNDN.’ however, Becca Grace believes that femininity and the appearing role of a feminist is up to the individual to decide.   The initial starting point stemmed from research into the feminist movement and historical female figures were a large influence in the collection. Through writing the previously mentioned dissertation, traditions within weddings were researched, and this also influenced the research and designing of the collection. As research developed, it focused in particular on brides and Frida Kahlo and her bright, colourful, cultural garments. The silhouettes in the collection became largely informed by a range of wedding dresses while Kahlo’s work and personal style influenced a take on embroidery. A combination of textiles, with different weights, colours and textures have been used in each outfit in the ‘CNDN.’ range.   Contact information: (Email) (Instagram) @blog_grace (LinkedIn)

Photoshoot photogropher: Jacob lowe (@wxrldplexsure)