• Bethany Bell

'CO-EXISTENCE' is an exploration of the question "If artificial intelligence was to create, what would inspire it?" as well as an exploration of the co-existence of humans and artificial intelligence and what the future could look like in terms of this. Throughout the collection I looked into topics and themes that I would consider stereo-typically 'human', for example; bone structure of humans, human anatomy, history etc. in order to help answer the question of what would inspire artificial intelligence. The idea of this being that we as human beings, throughout history have used nature and our lives to inspire art and textiles, and therefore perhaps artificial intelligence would take their inspiration from us. I also explored themes of preservation and body enhancement. I did this in order to portray an idea of the future where A.I. 'robots' and humans co-exist, maybe even as one. Surgical themes, as well as ideas of 'cyborgs' and Vacuum - packed clothes where derived from this research.