Coco VR - the first virtual-reality experience from Pixar

  • Yelena Rachitsky

Pixar's movies can be so captivating, you sometimes want to walk around inside their worlds.

Now you can.

"Coco VR," the first virtual-reality experience from Pixar, lets you virtually explore the glimmering Land of the Dead from the studio's upcoming feature, "Coco." Check out your skeleton body in a mirror as you try on different outfits and pop your skull off and place it into your hands. Walk around a town square with a friend, exploring buildings on your hunt for Easter eggs and movie extras, like a deleted scene from the film.
Or ride an elevator that lifts you high above the roofs to an elevated train, allowing the expanse of the twinkling metropolis to unspool around you, almost like you've really traveled to this imaginary world.
"You are stepping into a Pixar film," said Yelena Rachitsky, executive producer of experiences at Oculus. "But in addition to that, you're also able to experience things in this that you can't in the film. … You're able to create a deeper, richer world beyond -- and the parallel to -- the film's experience."
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