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  • Sairah Ashman

Panda Conference

Artificial Intelligence is here, and there’s no turning back. It’s raising big fundamental questions about the nature of consciousness. Questions that even neuroscientists can’t yet answer.

This means the big technology companies developing and using AI are effectively playing God, whether they acknowledge so or not. As products evolve at breakneck speed we must acknowledge that this new frontier has yet to become civilised – it has no universal code of ethics, conduct and policing. It’s the new Wild West. So far the major players all have one thing in common: they are focused on solving individual problems, rather than looking at a bigger picture.

We know there is a spectrum of possibilities for where this could go – dystopian to utopian – and we know the choices we make today have far-reaching ramifications. In the pursuit of short-term profits and higher valuations, we know that these businesses have been slow to recognise this. Often their staff and customers are the ones forcing them into more positive changes.

We believe ‘brand’ can be the philosophy, manifesto and calling that helps influences how companies develop their narrative, products and services, and therefore use of AI, in a way that’s good for them, for their people, for society and ultimately our future.


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