Colour Space Lab

A Colour Lab looking into the virtual colour space analysing the colour theory and interactivity. The aim of the project to decode the colour space and target areas unable to be seen by the untrained eye and colour equipment.

Looking for the Invisible. Unseen colour rays. Immersive Gamuts
The complete range or scope of something.
Colour is a complete scale of musical notes; the range of a voice or instrument.
The Magic and Logic of Color
The world is controlled by our vision, but we become so accustomed to it that we take things for granted. And when he talked about visual perception, he meant something much more profound than just the way we look at the world — he would stop and look at the world, look at the smallest object, smallest event, and see through it in a deep kind of way. ... He would see magic, he would see something deeper. And he believed that the majority of people just missed the true reality — it was available for everyone to see, but nobody was looking. And that was where his notion of “to open eyes” really comes from.
The chemist George Field constructed a colour-circle from the basic colours of red, yellow and blue, thus wishing to take up a position opposed to Newton. Secondary and tertiary colours arise through progressive superimposition. Meanings were allocated to the colours: hot (red) and cold (blue) stand opposite one another; likewise advancing and retiring. George Field also saw a connection between colour and sound, and so draws our attention to one of the stumbling blocks of the era: namely, an understanding of the carrier medium of light.