COP26 - Experiential Installation

  • Lewis Phillips
  • Ana Vieira

As principal partners of the global climate summit, Scottish Power wanted to communicate their dedication to renewable energy. Housed within COP26’s green zone, we created an ambient installation that invited global delegates and media to experience the natural elements used to create renewable energy — hydro, solar and wind.

To contain the experience, we designed a 5m high structure of suspended recycled fabric.

40x laser cut sheets formed a meandering, sculptural tunnel which housed the audience and provided an ideal structure for ambient lighting and effects; enclosing the space whilst allowing for adequate ventilation.

To make the installation sustainable by design, it was built entirely from hired modular components and recycled materials. The project was carbon tracked – from supplier transport to power consumption – and any impact offset.
Ambient in nature, a large format video wall of abstract digital art was the focal point of the experience.
Mesmerising particle simulations cycled through water, solar and wind states – their colour and movement inspired by weather data of the natural elements they represented.
Sound design and cued atmospheric effects including lighting, scent, heat and wind complimented the visuals.
Caustic light patterns – the effect of sunlight hitting the dappled surface of water – were the inspiration behind a fourth state, which was used in periods when the structure was being used to host an event programme of keynotes and panels.

Over 39,000 delegates, including 4000 media and 100 world leaders, attended the conference with our installation running for the full two week duration, directly opposite the event campus.


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