Create 4 Climate Change

  • Callum Stacey

A campaign project with the aim to raise awareness with the climate crisis. It aims provoke governments, businesses and people to act now by telling the truth, reducing carbon emissions and preventing climate change.

These are my eight postcard designs. I then developed these further into murual and projection designs to help spread to the message with the aim to provoke change with this important issue.
The 'Clear The Air' tag line is targeting the dictorial politicans and business owners who can make change to perusade them to 'clear the air' by telling the truth about the current system and doing what they can to reduce carbon emissions.
These clock projections would be located on these high, tall buildings to draw the attention of the target audiences and help provoke change. The clock is a reminder that there is little time to act now in order to make a difference.
A book of postcards created by various creatives highlighting issues of the current climate crisis. It aims to act as a protest on a printed book format.
A projection box for the postcards, allowing people to project the designs whereever they like, helping the campaign to be more visually and interactively engaging.
Instagram page created to share the postcards to help reach a wider audience. It aims to act as a protest on virtual format.
Logo design for the campign concept. The rectangle represents the postcards, the circle represents the Earth, whilst the segment cut out represents a stop watch, highlighting how little time we have to act now to make a difference.
''Love your project, what a great idea!'' - Greenpeace UK