• Jan Waszkiewicz

Few months ago we've partnered with one of the top cybersecurity companies for SMEs in Europe - Cyber360 and wanted to share this crucial security aspect. Since you're a member on the Soho Works app, you most likely have your own enterprise or are working at a organisation, where data plays a key role. From business and legal perspectives, you must ensure the maximum level of security is in place. You've probably heard about data leaks or hackers demanding ransom for stolen data at publicly-traded companies, but what about the the small and medium enterprises that don't make the headlines? Not surpassingly, it's the SMEs that get targeted the most. Why? - Low rate of modern digital security and monitoring softwares. - Small or lack of IT capabilities - "This won't happen to me" mentality What if, you could have dedicated cybersecurity specialists, available 24/7? Here's what their offer CyberDefender360 can do for you: - Monitor and prevent potential cybersecurity threats, malware, and ransomware; 24/7/365. - Instantly provide reports, ready for you to read with your morning coffee. - Work closely with your IT department to improve security - Set up a security infrastructure if needed - Provide access to ethical hackers to test your security systems - Offer live, fast customer support. Important credibility information: - Cyber360 is a Polish cybersecurity company, with a long industry history. - NATO certified - ABW (Polish Internal Security Agency) certified - Being transparent is crucial for Cyber360; therefore, there are no hidden costs. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me to arrange a call or a meeting between us and the Cyber360 team. For Soho House members and trough recommendations, I am able to get you a free 2-week testing period to let the program speak for itself. Website: