Why did we choose the name Cyclewave? Because we want to make clear that we are a ‘wave’. We are a movement in this society trying to make a change for cyclists.
When we figured out for ourselves that cycling in Milan is not safe, we made a questionnaire for habitants of Milan that use or use not the bike in Milan, because we wanted to know their opinion about it. After analyzing these answers, it was obvious for us that there is problem about cycling in Milan. That’s when we started working on the idea about making a movement, creating some activism. That’s when we created Cyclewave. Cyclewave is an organization aimed at cyclists in Milan. It provides cyclists an app and a website where they can communicate with each other. Also it will ensure that all the information that will be collected through the app and website will be communicated to the commune of Milan. In this way Cyclewave gives the cyclists a voice, a way to connect with each other and together make a change, because together we stand stronger. There’re a lot of things we want to see change here in Milan. For example we want the commune of Milan to do something about the roads. We want them to provide cyclists more bike-friendly roads, we want them to provide more traffic signs for cyclists and drivers. Also a big problem here is that there’re not enough parking spaces for bicycles. That’s why a lot of bicycles get stolen all the time. We want the commune of Milan to make a safer place for cyclists.
We found out that cycling in Milan is too unsafe, there’re a lot of accidents happening, there is bad drivers’ behavior and the roads are not bike-friendly.
Therefore we’re going to create a platform for cyclists all over Milan. We’re going to create an app and a website where cyclists from all over Milan are able to give their opinion about the roads in Milan, start discussions, report problems, see problems and even use useful maps that tells the cyclists which way to go to take the most bike-friendly road.
Also we want to make awareness to the government, we’re going to collect data, statistics and everything number-related. We want to collect facts that we can communicate to the community of Milan. So they can actually make a change for their cyclists. They’re the ones that need to make Milan a bike-friendly and ecological city.
We really think this is an important issue in Milan. Cycling is a trend nowadays, more and more people actually want to move again. But because it’s so unsafe in Milan, it holds a lot of them back. Therefore we are giving cyclists a voice, so they can connect with each other and all together make a change.

Team Credits

Shana Van Roosbroek

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  • graphic designer

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