D&AD Masterclasses - What's on summer 2019

  • Matt Thomas

At D&AD, we know that achieving creative excellence takes more than pure skill. It takes a certain mindset, a bit of business acumen, and a dose of cultural understanding. That’s why we work with Pencil-winning expert to deliver transformative Masterclasses at D&AD all year. Our creative learning programs connect you and your business directly to the people making the most outstanding work today and enable to learn skills to generate brilliant outcomes tomorrow.

 Take a look at all of the Masterclasses coming up in June. For more info or to book your spot, see here: https://www.dandad.org/en/d-ad-professional-development-creative-training-courses/ Art Direction for Digital Campaigns, 2 July 
 This one-day Masterclass will demystify digital design, exposing the hidden dimensions and bringing a new level to your existing skills. Presenting Creative Work, 4 July Learn how to pitch your idea so that it’s easier for your clients to buy it that turn it down, as well as how to handle objections in a tactful way. 
Writing for Advertising, 24 July 
Overcome the tyranny of the blank page, learn how to think differently about words and apply this to create great advertising. 
Making Great Work: Moving Beyond Mediocre, 25 July
 Forget about making work that's just 'OK', learn how to identify those truly great ideas in a Masterclass that will show you both sides of the creative journey. 
Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills, 31 July
 Specially designed for creatives, this masterclass teaches you how to present yourself professionally whilst making sure you stand out in the crowd. 
How to get the best out of your Creative Team, 14 August 
Understand the qualities needed to successfully lead a team and grow on your own leadership skills. Book your spot: https://www.dandad.org/en/d-ad-professional-development-creative-training-courses/