Dalla Corte

  • Nick Hussain
  • Dante Vinciguerra
Dalla Corte are an Italian professional espresso machine manufacturer, whose founders are responsible for many of the most crucial innovations of the last 70 years. They are a family business known for pushing the boundaries of their sector while redefining the industry standard for ethical production processes.
We began the rebrand by conducting an extensive audit of the business and their competitors. This included interviews with stakeholders, partners and customers, and saw us travel from their factory in Milan to trade shows across Europe, and then to Sumatra to see the source of the coffee itself. It was there we saw what makes them so special, an unerring drive to not just create better coffee and better machines, but a better industry and world.
This gave us the impetus to completely re-brand the company from its very heart outwards, with a new driving sentiment at the core of everything they would do — Make it better.

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