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Nimrod Augmented Systems Drone. What is NasDrone? Answer: An Long-range Ariel vehicle, its not the full blown Tony Stark’s Jarvis or Superman’s Brainac .. but it’s a step closer. NasDrone pioneers in A.D.I technology, (Artificial Developmental intelligent Technology) it’s a lighter Version of full blown artificial intelligence. Every drone will have A.I functionality; the end user will be allowed to choose their preferences on its name, voice and tempo. Behaviour, tone and heart beat will all be monitored by the headset. The headset also allows for the user to see and experience the Nasworld virtual reality universe. ♯MyNasworld | Nasworld Mobile Application Using of the “♯” principle, NasDrone will be able to increase awareness with major events happening in the communities in the Nasworld. The hash tag will link in with the NasApp integrating with the end users social media accounts and optimizing them to function with GPRS navigation system allowing you to locate your favorite places using Nasworld Maps incorporated within the application. Functions: Drone Width1.5m x Height 2m Voice Integrated Command System 4k video HD Camera 27 MP Video guide Motion sensor Wireless GDVV 150V Charge Dock Headset Grade 5 Graphite Smart Glass Wireless 60v GDVV charger WHY is NasDrone a GAME CHANGER? NasDrone is not a product. It is an ideology. No what matter what your age, background, creed or colour, you bare the privilege of being a NasPilot and therefore bare the mantle of responsibility and duty to be a NasPilot. When you purchase a NasDrone the emotive output we wish to leave with our buyers is a feeling of honour, nobility, and patriotism. NasDrone is the all-new 21st century way of hanging out with your friends and family. The NasUniverse is bursting with virtual life opportunities for exploration and to adventure for the user. The NasDrone headset kit will allow the buy to remotely experience virtual reality, right from the comfort of their home. You are able to connect with friends and family from all over the globe Competitors and future development Google glass and the new Oculus range have significantly increased and the diversity of what the “iglasses” range can offer to the drone market, with further research and development perhaps this could be explored. Finally, if the Pokémon Go universe proves to be an exciting growing market and very doable in applying it to in the case of NasDrone and its potential as a fusion between drone technology and application and Universe. Everyone born in this generation onwards will in some way shape or form have in contact with a drone at some point in there lives. The target demographic is universal. The 21st Century Market Product placement for NasDrone The product must be associated with adventure. Outdoors and sporty activities. Bear Grylls Island on channel 4 is a good example; perhaps we could feature in the contest show Bear Grylls activity using the product. NasDrone could feature its product in action movies, which reflect the tone of what NasDrone is trying to offer to the drone market. Films that are leaked to the sci-fi genre or military style movies could prove effective in trying to manage consumers’ expectations of the product. suggested stores could b Blacks, Millet, John Lewis (London Branches) . Upon purchasing the product the customer will also be required to sign up for a NasDrone ID. The Nasworld Mobile Application & NasDrone ID Once a cloud system is established this will allow you to access customer information, images, video and other data can be stored using cloud technology; this will also give excellent insight into customer behaviour. This of course, gives ample material to analysis growing markets and trends amongst NasDrone’s customers. This digital passport or (NasDrone ID) interlinks nicely with the NasDrone mobile Application, this will encourage and facilitate communication between other drones users allowing members to add friends share photos or even play virtual NasDrone games with the Headset whilst using the drone! Fighter jet simulations to adventure type sojourns for all the family to get involved in. Sponsorship Avenues Ministry Of Defence Drones could be used as a way of primary defence against a potential invader. There is a technological illiteracy in this country something much be done. Sponsoring regional school programmes for the NasDrone Pilot Schools could further enhance ones causes in each matter. While at the same time of course excluding any potential threat, the initiative could provide instrumental skills for the British economically. A UK population publicly trained at there foundational years to service drone technology, will is truly a globalised British workforce. Having the endorsement of the British army will greatly increase public opinion on the product. This partnership will solidify NasDrone’s public image to a household name that can be trusted. Preliminary areas considered run the first NasDrone Piloting schools: Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire Merton (London Region) Our target market is universal, age range from 10 to 50. Based on our RRP of £1,800 our target social economic is working-middle class. Using online media like YouTube will heighten awareness reaching a broad customer base. Uploading a video commercials or customer feedback experiences with the product will be used to show case our customer experience whilst they used the product. This will mean real footage and images will be used in the commercial for NasDrone. This is will lead to successional videos with other customers explaining there thoughts and sharing there footage. Facebook will also have a part to play with NasDrone, incorporating a page to further promote the brand and raise awareness. There could be some scope to host drone competition championship with the regional NasDrone schools championships.

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