Data dimensionalised.

  • Brian Mauger

We believe that there is a common language that unites financial professionals—and that language is data.

The Bloomberg Terminal – and its iconic interface – has defined the industry standard for financial data and analytics. To demonstrate the richness and complexity of what we deliver, we have developed a visual language based on the Bloomberg Terminal. We call it data dimensionalized.

The challenge

We needed a very large image bank that could translate across mobile, web, video, print and events, work across all our financial products and stay fresh over time.

The solution

Computer generated (CG) images. We developed a system, fed by graphics, particles, grids, charts and financial data, derived from data and images on the Bloomberg Terminal, controlled by a set of parameters and randomized in 3-D space. The animation was then captured from a variety of camera angles, frame-by-frame, generating more than 30,000 unique visuals.