Datum Jelatek - Full Campaign - Property Development in Malaysia

  • Adrien Saint
  • Adrien Saint
Web design - Brochure - CGIs - 3D Walkthrough - Marketing Suite Technology
Situated in the heart of a metropolitan city, Datum Jelatek is envisioned as a first-class development with amenities that supersede normal standards. “Bridging The Community” was crafted as its tagline to depict the development’s well-rounded services and conveniences, alongside a vast range of other collaterals and services that we conceptualised from scratch.
Envisioned as a full campaign from the get-go to truly set an impact in the market, the essential colours that depict Datum Jelatek’s components were taken into careful consideration to coordinate the design direction. Visual imageries that showcase the development’s USPs such as their launch video, created the ideal impact that the client was hoping to achieve with their audiences. Being the very first client who signed up for FOREFRONT’s IDMS technology, and with our Multi-Flip system, Datum Jelatek was met with resounding success, and a successful brand identity.

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