• Jeann Kembangkhana

Dayrosia provides massage therapy and skincare products for women and men of all ages through online websites and retail boutiques. Dayrosia main customers are clients who have specific needs for their skin and body, for example, preventative care for skin issues, sports injury treatment, and stress-related issues. We create a re-branding and identity for Dayrosia that reflects quite heavily on the founder, Felica DeRoza. We feel this is quite effective due to the nature of the business, where most of the clients are familiar with her and many come from referrals.

The logo uses an arch to symbolise the entrance to the world of Dayrosia. An arch-shaped outline is taken from the use of arch doors at holy places such as temples or churches which signify peace, calmness and serenity. Within the arch, there are three main components, the oval and rectangle are symbols for Dayrosia’s skincare products which includes bar soaps, lotions, and many more. The component above near the arch is an abstract figure that symbolises an aura of a person, this represents our client and the services we provide to the client which is to tend to bring joy and healing to the lives of our clients.
Our colours are as important to us as the logo itself. They are part of our personality and culture. We have established 6 primary colours; Heartwarming Rose, Blissful Brown, Serenity Sand, Joyful Yellow, Black and White. The secondary colour palette is used primarily for the website to identify different roles. Secondary colours are used sparingly, if at all, in marketing materials.

To maintain coherence for our branding, our typeface is using the same ones as our logotype. The use of serif typeface connotes luxury, quality and heritage. Garogier and Baskerville are our official fonts of choice and must be used to exchange one another and not together. We want to approach our branding with one typeface to connotes simplicity and elegance