Deals and Discounts From Unimat Traffic

  • Paul Walker

You might have heard of Unimat traffic before, but did you know that this online store is also known for its great discounts and offers? If you're new to the world of discount coupons and deals, this might be the right place to start. Besides offering the best prices, Unimat traffic also helps you find the latest offers. Using these deals and discounts, you can save money without having to compromise on quality. Here are a few examples of such discounts:

Rubber speed humps

There are many benefits to using Unimat traffic rubber speed humps in your parking lot. Not only will they control traffic speeds, but they will also lower your insurance costs. You can install these speed bumps yourself for a low cost, and they are backed by a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer also manufactures cable guards and cable protectors to control the speed of vehicles on walkways and driveways. You can purchase these products from Unimat Traffic USA to control traffic in your parking lot.
Rubber speed humps, also known as speed bumpers, are designed to slow down traffic by up to 15 mph. They are a perfect addition to your parking lot, hospital, school, retirement community, or other public place. Rubber speed humps are available in different colors and can be ordered in any size or shape. For a more durable and affordable option, choose a 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps.
A 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bump from Unimat is a great choice for curbing traffic in parking lots and at retirement communities. They can be installed on either concrete or asphalt, and have cable protectors built into the base. You can even use a Unimat speed bump in a parking lot where you don't expect many cars to drive over it. Unimat also offers discounted broader units for schools and other public spaces.
The best part about purchasing speed humps from Unimat traffic is that they are legal to use on public roads. They are legal to use and can be used anywhere to improve safety. Unimat traffic rubber speed humps have reflective strips that make them visible to oncoming traffic. You can buy them with or without mounting holes. You can also order them with Female and Male end caps. They can be installed in asphalt or concrete and they are durable enough to withstand the weight of vehicles.
If you haven't seen these bumps in action, you can ask your local government for their installation. Some municipalities require a speed bump to be installed in residential areas, so they can be more effective than standard traffic humps. Unimat traffic rubber speed humps can help curb speed, while reducing car crashes. These bumps are typically three to four inches tall, and they do not provide enough shock to a driver to slow down.

Rubber parking blocks

These Rubber parking blocks for Unimat traffic are sturdy and durable, weighing in at just over 34 pounds. Their unique flexing feature makes it possible to lie flat, even on uneven or cracked surfaces. Its low profile prevents it from causing damage to low-front vehicles. These blocks come with four different types of mounting hardware. They are designed to withstand contact from both vehicles and weather. This makes them the perfect choice for paved and gravel parking lots.
Park-It Rubber Parking Blocks provide a more visible parking spot while minimizing damage to front-end vehicles. Made of flexible rubber, these parking blocks lay flat on a variety of surfaces, making them easier to see than standard concrete blocks. They also weigh 90% less than a standard concrete parking block. For added visibility, these parking blocks are also available in a range of other colors, including neon green. They're ideal for parking areas where contrasting colors are required.
Another great benefit of parking stops is that they help prevent cars from rolling out of a parking spot. Moreover, they are also useful in protecting the surrounding infrastructure. Concrete and asphalt parking bumpers need to be replaced frequently. Rubber parking blocks are more durable and forgiving, allowing the parking lot to remain organized. As a result, they prevent the tires from damaging each other. Rubber parking blocks have a longer lifespan than concrete or asphalt parking bumpers.