• Gary Teasdale

A set of conceptual poster and social promotional designs created for another group of filmmakers. This project took a few weeks through changes and lack of similar schedule. The work was completed however to the desired time. Though a few did not make the final cut they were still enjoyable to create and gave me the opportunity as a designer to delve back to my previous illustrative days. Finding a nice mix of the two.

The concept I enjoyed doing the most! this idea came from the look the filmmakers were gong for. They wanted a real 'Tim Burton'/Beatlejuice esc look to the cover. Two colours, minamilist. As you'll see from the photo below the actual house they were using for the set was traced out and a LARGE amount of detail went into the cracks, corners, knooks and crannies of the building. Using 3-4 tones of the same colour to subtly emphasise the buildings features. Finishing it off with a single Light yellow central spot to give it a familiar 'Old school' horror feal.
The second and final concept was a completely different feel. Still wanting to focus on the Burton style of the artwork, the same traced house was warped and squeezed to exagerate and unsettle its shape. Then the majority of the work from that point was used on Photoshop. Using a Wacom tablet I was able to apply many different brush styles and layering effects to give it this 'uneasy' painted appearance. Though it was not my favourite by choice it was the first use of my illustration background on a digital platform that would be used.
The cover photo was the first part of the project. The goal being to advertise and promote the new 'film in the making' across all social medias they had at their disposal. This is where the initial idea for the 'violet on black' came from. The premise of a woman living amongst three unusual but oddly helpful spirits being the main bit of information. I opted for a visual that would make use of a cover photo size on any given social media. With simple vector shaping and slight blurring where it was needed, the cover quickly came together!

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    The University of Gloucestershire