Developing Multidimensional Objects

  • Robin Bolt
As part of my masters, I undertook a module called DMSP (Digital Media Studio Project), in which groups of up to six students collaborated with the end goal of creating a piece. The works were then showcased during a week long exhibition that took place after working on the projects for a three month period. My group was given the theme of "Developing Multidimensional Objects".
Our final piece took the form of an interactive audio-visual installation that could be used by a maximum of three viewers-interactors at a time. Through the manipulation of an “everyday” object fitted with a Microbit sensor (accelerometer and pressure sensor), each user could control a specific aspect of the sonic output by utilising the object as a sort of “musical instrument”.
To expand upon the theme of multidimensionality, we decided that, as well as controlling sound, that individual objects’ movements should also affect a visual output which ultimately took the form of a "particle projection".
The main objective behind our work was to completely erase the preconceptions audience members connect to the chosen items and to immerse them in a different reality where objects they know serve a different purpose.


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