Digital Decade SE 2020

  • Arseny Vesnin
  • Eliska Sky
  • Dimitri Daniloff
  • Grégoire A. Meyer

On 8 July a new collection of digital editions titled Digital Decade SE curated by Designcollector Network launches on Sedition. The exhibition features works by Krista Kim, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Eliska Sky, Azamat Akhmadbaev, Joëlle, Dimitri Daniloff and Grégoire A. Meyer.

Digital Decade is a series of phygital art events launched by Designcollector Creative Network founder, Arseny Vesnin. Since 2013 Designcollector have presented  events in London, Barcelona and Saint Petersburg, featuring more than 150 artists in total. For the past  seven years artists have been invited to respond to the geopolitical, environmental, social changes taking place today in the digital age.
2020 started a new Decade with digital. Digital media have become  a significant part of our lives, bringing everyday challenges and new opportunities in all layers of our global society. Nobody’s left behind by this whirlpool of change. There is no doubt that the influence of digital media has provided much food for thought  for artists. We asked a few of them to share their visual thoughts on post-2020 life and on the huge tectonic shifts happening around us.
Digital Decade SE (Special Edition) 2020 is the first virtual Digital Decade show happening entirely online. Starting from July 8th our partner Sedition Art will release a set of digital artworks, available for affordable collecting as a full set or one by one. You can also experience the Digital Decade SE VR/3D Exhibition online


Enter 3D/VR Exhibition


Krista Kim: Continuum Remix v.1

Grégoire A. Meyer: When the Drape Falls

Eliska Sky: Ultrahuman

Dimitri Daniloff: Human Unlimited

Azamat Akhmadbaev: Bite Tongue, Deep Breaths

Aristarkh Chernyshev: Isolation

Joëlle Snaith: Distortion

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