Digital Production.

  • Luke Harmer

Today, advertising and communication channels are in a constant state of flux. Engaging and relevant content is key and we can help you provide that. We partner many of our clients to help communicate their latest product innovations through our digital production and communication services. We have technical skills in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and filmmaking which, combined with our knowledge in brand and storytelling, enables us to make impactful and memorable digital content. Every new innovative product or service we create has a story behind it. This story usually starts with your end user, whom we develop a deep understanding of as we create a product or service that delivers against their needs and values. This insight of the user, combined with our intimate knowledge of your brand, makes us an efficient and effective partner to help communicate to them at the launch of the product or service. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, designers and engineers has often struggled against the odds to deliver the end product and lived and breathed the new design for many months or even years. This can mean that they have had to communicate its reason for being, defend its value and tell its story many times from the earliest ideas and concepts to the challenging technical trade-offs at production. This depth of knowledge of the product’s development life cycle enhances our role as great storytelling partners. For many years, we have been using the latest CGI technology to visualise the products and services we are designing. More recently, we have been creating impactful content by combining these CGI skills with our growing expertise in live action film production. The results are often more rapid, more relevant and engaging, and lower cost than output from traditional advertising agencies and are being utilised by clients to support more of their new product communications as a natural extension to their product development activities with us. The high quality visual content we create – often as an integral part of the development process - is used in multiple ways by our clients from internally communicating and aligning senior stakeholders through VR or AR simulations, to testing new designs, brand names or trademarks online or full broadcast quality adverts for multiple channels to support product launches.